"Grand Candy" is the largest enterprise in the food industry in Armenia. The company was founded in the beginning of 2000 by Hrant Vardanyan.

First, hard candy production was launched, then that of chocolates. These two facilities were manufacturing 100 names of confectionery products. In 2000, only 600 people were working in “Grand Candy”. Increasing the annual volume of production and sales, "Grand Candy" nowadays accounts for more than 40 percent of the confectionery market in Armenia. Due to well-organized production, the company managed to gain considerable presence in the market, offering well-known, traditional, as well as newly developed products to customers.

Currently, "Grand Candy" produces more than 400 different products. "Grand Candy" is the only factory in the Transcaucasia to process cocoa beans.

Delivery of the company’s products is carried out by 270 trucks through its own wholesale and retail network, 8 regional warehouses, 29 brand stores, thus supplying 8450 network, wholesale and retail food outlets in Armenia. Today the company organizes direct supply to 99.9% of shops all over Armenia.

"Grand Candy" production is certified with ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards and ISO 22000:2005 food safety control standards. The advantage of "Grand Candy" products is the high quality and the use of only natural ingredients, such as cocoa and dairy products, nuts and fillings made from fresh fruits. Despite the high cost of natural raw materials, "Grand Candy" never uses cheap and low quality ingredients or artificial additives of any kind. The key priority of "Grand Candy" is the health of its consumers. Therefore, all the ingredients used in the production undergo an extensive analysis in the company’s main laboratory, which is certified according to ISO 17025 standards, and the quality control department ensures high and stable quality of the products.

In 2001 "Grand Candy" began the production of ice-cream. The plant is equipped with Italian production lines.

In 2006 "Grand Candy" launched its own production of corrugated cardboard packaging.

In 2007 the company opened an offset printing-house, equipped with German machinery.

In 2008 "Grand Candy" launched the production of coffee using modern technologies and Italian equipment. Arabica and Robusta coffee beans of highest quality are used in the production.

In 2010 "Grand Candy" started producing exquisite pastries, which promptly became quite popular with our customers. For the first time it became possible in Armenia to bake "home-made" pastries in industrial conditions.

In 2012 "Grand Candy" started the production of flour. Presently, due to the modern European technologies and equipment, the company produces flour with the best qualitative properties.

In 2016 the company opened a flexographic printing house, which is equipped with modern German printing machinery.

The regular upgrading of the equipment and the introduction of new technologies enable the company to quickly react to market changes and maintain the leading position on the domestic market.

On September 10, 2010, "Grand Candy" set a new Guinness World Record with the "Largest chocolate bar". It became the first industrial record in Armenia.

In 2000 "Grand Candy" set up a chain of brand stores, the first one in the long chain being "Ponchikanots". Today the company operates 29 brand stores throughout the Republic of Armenia, 21 of which, including 10 store-cafes, are located in Yerevan.

"Grand Candy" is distinguished by its unique human resources management policy, which enabled us to create a team of dedicated professionals. Today "Grand Candy" is the largest domestic production company in the Republic of Armenia with more than 3200 employees. Every day the staff of "Grand Candy" and the company’s owner himself go to work with one motto "Our quality is our pride”.